We are now making homemade cat products for the public to purchase which in turn will help us provide more care for the elderly members of our community.

Details of how we are helping the community and what the purchasing of any of our cat products will go towards helping with can be found on the community section of this site.

For the moment we will be using cardboard as it is much better for the environment.

The products will be made from 100% recycled cardboard and in turn will be 100% recyclable at the end of its usage once the outer wrap design has been removed.

You can see the designed product at the bottom of the page.

More products & designs will follow.


I find with my own cats that they prefer using cardboard to claw at instead of sisal rope.

This isn't the same for all cats so it may be worth checking.

My cats have been using their scratcher/bed for over a year now and it will last many more.

The cat bed/scratcher is large, so please make sure you will have the space to accommodate 


The products that we sell will come along with a small bag of catnip which can be sprinkled over the item and help with the cats interaction. 

All products are made to order and at the moment it may take a little longer due to the Coronavirus as the supplies will take longer to reach us.

We are only selling the cat products to the local community for the moment and will be delivering them personally while abiding by the government regulations.

Our large cat bed/scratcher is 30 cm in height and around 62 cm diameter. The diameter may fluctuate between 1-2 cm depending on the tightness it's rolled.

These are priced at £40 with free local delivery and all proceeds go towards running costs for our free elderly community visits.

(Postage costs will apply if these have to be sent via courier)

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Top View

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