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At Pet Kings UK we have a very close-knit team that go above and beyond the duties expected to make sure that clients pets are well looked after and treated as our very own.

We keep our staff numbers low so that clients and pets will always know us personally and it will never be an unknown stranger in their home. 

We have also been known to provide (free) end of the night visits which can last for hours if cats have not returned home as animal welfare is our main priority in this business and for this reason we can't have a vast team that will only go back out if payment is expected. 



Pauline has had many pets of her own throughout her life. At the moment she has two cats. Pauline absolutely adores animals and loves nothing better than to cuddle up with her cats after a long day at work.

Pauline is on the insurance as a helper/volunteer and likes to help out when she isn't at her own job.




John has owned many pets of his own throughout his life from Cats, Dogs, Bearded dragons, Hamsters, Fish and even a mouse that loved travelling with him now and again. He is well experienced with everything to do with pets including reptile handling.

He is a very happy, cheery man and will put any owners mind at ease that their pet will be well cared for and devotes his full attention to making sure any pet in his care is stress free and happy.

John is employed elsewhere now but will always be part of the business to help out family & friends.




Gary has also had many years experience of pet sitting. He has owned a Rabbit, Fish, Guinea pig, Hamster, Rat, Frogs and a Parrot. He absolutely adores all animals and will regularly be found spending more time entertaining his friends pets when visiting than he does the owners.

Gives all of his attention to any pet and does so with a huge smile on his face. The face says it all as i'm sure you will find.

When friends and family are out of town he has always been the first man to call.

Visits are really all provided for by Gary so he knows all the pets and clients very well.

Pauline also pops along with Gary for some of the visits or is on hand for any reason Gary can't make it.

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