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Our prices will be increasing on 01/01/2025 from £10 per visit to £15 and Christmas & New Year's Day from £15 per visit to £20.

We hate to raise prices but it will be our first price rise in over 10 years and with the cost of living, fuel, business costs rising throughout the years & providing longer visits than anybody else it's just becoming unfeasible to carry on at the previous rate.




Our pet sitting visits can last anywhere from 30 minutes - 1 hour depending on how busy we are with other bookings.

We are now at capacity and won't be taking on any new clients for a while.

This means your pets can get extra time spent with them as for some visits the 30 minutes doesn't seem enough time to complete all the duties and give the pets the extra attention that they all deserve.

It's not very enjoyable cramming in visits and rushing off after 30 minutes when the pets deserve more quality time.

We look forward to maintaining the quality service you have experienced in the past.


We do not charge extra if the household has more than one cat.



Clients within 10 miles of our Cumbernauld base will be £15 per visit as of 01/01/2025





Christmas Day & New Year's Day will be £20 per visit as of 01/01/2025

Please make sure to place your bookings well in advance to avoid disappointment as it can be a very busy period for bookings.


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