Over the duration of 2016 the staff at Pet Kings UK have been thinking of ways in which we can provide a service to the community to show our thanks for allowing our business to flourish into what it has become today.

Without the help from all of our clients we would not have been able to achieve such a great success.

As of late we have had a large volume of questions from older members of the community asking about our services and are unsure of what to do if they have to check in to hospital last minute or they generally feel under the weather and can't give the same attention to their pets as they previously have.

The solution that we have come up with is that for the members of the community who are 80+ and live within a 5 mile radius of our base in Cumbernauld, will receive free pet visits.

All that will be required is a quick visit at a time of your convenience to complete our paperwork in your own time which will then be collected at a later date.

We hope that this service will help ease with the stress that the client and family members may feel if they are taken into hospital at short notice or can no longer provide adequate care for their pets.

Our pet service will provide all of our usual duties for cats and smaller pets which can be found by clicking on our pet sitting page.


We will be carrying on this service to our community for as long as possible and have contacted other pet sitters to let them know about what we are providing to the community and if they would consider doing the same in their own region.  All over the UK there are hundreds of pet sitters so we hope that we can get the ball rolling and someday provide cover for the elderly from every corner of the UK and beyond. We understand that this is a large project and we hope that many more businesses will be able to employ this line of service to their own local community.

Our staff members will be providing this service free of charge so for that reason we will also be looking into the concept of funding and we also have a donation button for anybody that would care to give anything to our cause. There will be no asking for donations or minimum amounts to donate and all proceeds will be helping towards advertising, web design, fuel costs and general service costs.