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Pet Kings UK is a Cumbernauld based pet sitting service that was started by two lifelong friends from Bearsden who between them have 40+ years of pet ownership/handling and sitting experience.

To find out more about these members, they are a simple click away on The Team menu.


For many years Gary, John & now Pauline have helped family, friends and neighbours with pet sitting whenever the service was called upon and decided that they should set up business in providing the services to the public located in parts of East Dunbartonshire & North Lanarkshire.

We love every pet large or small and give all of our time and dedication to each customer individually so that their loved family member will be taken great care of and happy in the comfort of their own home and known surroundings instead of being sent away to a cattery.

We will only take on the amount of bookings that we can cope with so that all clients pets are well looked after.

Bookings are never accepted just for the sole purpose of monetary gain and will be turned down when we reach our maximum visitation number.


We provide this service at any time of the day and night.

Usually our breakfast shift is between 6am-10am, our evening visits are from 4pm-8pm. These are just a general guide to our visit times and we will provide visits at any time of the day or night that a client requires.

Please note that pets requiring medication at set times will always have priority.

When staff members are out visiting clients homes for any service they will always use discreet unmarked cars during visits for safety purposes. This is to ensure that nobody will know that a homeowner is away and that the home is being unoccupied.

We find that this is the safest option and one that our clients understand.

We are now providing a free pet sitting service for the elderly members of our local area. This can be found in the community section page.






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